Our values


We emphasize the quality of our products and services to offer the customer the best possible result.

Technología I+D

We innovate in the plastic and packaging sectors, to acquire the latest technology and achieve the best and most up-to-date solutions for our customers.


We are dedicated to the protection of the environment, and the treatment of waste, to make the smallest possible impact.

Personal development

In Gaviplas SL we are betting on the personal development of our workers, to promote their abilities and potential, and so creating an outstanding human capital.

Treatment of the customer.

The precise, individual treatment of our customers is one of our trademarks, and so we create the best and most satisfactory experience possible.

Development and innovationn


ISO 9001

Certificate number: ES059403-1

Design, Film Extrusion, Flexographic Design and Printing, Lamination, Cutting and Rewinding of Film, Bagmaking.

BRC Packaging

Audit January 2017

Nuestro proceso de producción, produce el resultado esperado

1. Communication

We receive all the necessary information from the customer to produce the design best suited to his needs.

2. Planning

With the requirements and initial sketches a plan is designed, to be completed within the deadline.

3. Production

Our plant technicians prepare our production lines for each customer as efficiently as possible.

4. Quality control

Once the product has been made, quality controls are carried out and our customers confirm the quality of the process.

5. Shipping

We have the means to send goods rapidly and efficiently to any place in Europe.

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