• Multilayer co-extrusion
  • Full HD flexographic printing
  • Manufacturing Wicket bags
  • Lamination of multilayer structures
  • Laser micro-perforation


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Take one step further on THE FUTURE OF YOUR PACKAGING

In GAVIPLAS we are ready to advise each client objectively in developing customized sustainable solutions.

Our 60 years of experience go hand in hand with a clear vision of the future, as we keep a keen eye on every forward step, with the highest quality and best possible service as the common thread. In the interest of sustainability, GAVIPLAS embraces the circular economy with open arms. Repeated reallocation and a relevant longer lifespan of materials are a good example of this. The dead-end street of linear economy finally has a future-proof alternative

Designing for a circular economy

Sustainability focus areas

The need for the packaging industry value chain to create more sustainable solutions will, however, continue to grow, focusing on three dimensions of using PE:

“Design for recycling”

Solutions that can deliver high-quality mono-material recycle streams which can then be incorporated into various next-step PE structures.

“Upgrading recycle streams”

Solutions that use compatibilizers to boost the performance of PE films that have been contaminated with foreign polymers such as EVOH or polyamide (PA).

“Increasing recycled content”

Solutions that allow recycled content to be increased by including ‘booster’ high-performance PE polymers to maintain mechanical properties of the final product.

Shape your career in the packaging market

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry and we need talented and ambitious professionals for a wide range of disciplines. 
We are looking for people with a positive, proactive attitude, eager to learn and interested in working in the field of packaging.

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