Gaviplas obtains the accredited certification for the circularity of plastics

Consumer concern for the environment is increasing and large purchasing companies require a high recyclability component from supply providers.

Within this framework, Gaviplas goes one step further in its commitment to sustainability and to the circular economy system for plastics by obtaining certification under the EN 15343 standard. This title guarantees the origin of recycled plastics, as well as the Traceability of Recycled Plastic.

Having the traceability certification of recycled plastic is an element of trust and is closely related to the application of the circular economy. In addition, it contributes to the reduction of the environmental footprint and, said certification, demonstrates that Gaviplas is qualified to offer a quality service and with the necessary technical skills.

To achieve certification, Gaviplas had to pass a European-level audit and meet rigorous requirements as described in the Standard, which are as follows:

  • Control of incoming material.
  • Control of the recycling production process.
  • Characteristics of recycled plastics.
  • Traceability of procedures.
  • Quality evaluation.
  • Recycled content calculation.

Gaviplas thus achieves a new advance in its commitment to sustainability and in the development of effective solutions in the field of the Circular Economy of plastics. The transformation process into recycled materials will facilitate the reincorporation of plastics into the value chain through their use in new applications.

Circular economy

The main objective of the circular economy is that the value of materials, resources and products are maintained for as long as possible, in this way we reduce the generation of waste to a minimum.

With this economic concept, we seek to break with the linear economy and implement a new system that constitutes the intersection of the environmental and economic aspects.


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