If your requirements include barrier films that will protect your products from oxygen, light, or moisture, we can provide stand up pouches to meet the barrier properties that your products require.

Unlike some flexible packaging converters with a menu of standard materials or pouches, we’ll provide customized materials and pouches based on your specific needs. We don’t develop products and try to drive you towards them; we listen to your needs and engineer innovations that will solve your packaging challenges.

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Thermoforming (top and bottom films)
FFS-Doypack/Standup pouch
3-side-sealed vacuum bags
Medium barrier for vacuum applications
Optional suitable up to 121°C for autoclave or cooking processes
High barrier EVOH, PVDC, SiOX, metallisation
Mono-material laminates (based on OPE/PE or OPP/CPP) to improve recyclabilty
with r-PA made with Chemical Recycling Technology
Optional with Peel, laser perforated, closing features

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