Custom flexible packaging for snacks

The superior barrier options available with flexible packaging ensure that your snacks and grain products are protected. Preventing oxygen and light from reaching products such as chips and dry food when necessary helps maintain freshness and minimizes food waste.

Sustainable packaging options are food-safe and can help you meet your company sustainability goals.

Resealable closures allow consumers to snack at their convenience while keeping the contents fresh — at home or on the road. Economical solutions such as poly bags are also available.

Snacks and grain producers that use flexible packaging can take advantage of the structures that display their brand and attractive graphics on the shelf.

Mono-films PE CPP OPP
Duplex- and Triplex-films also with metallization, aluminium or paper
Monomaterial-laminates for better recyclability based on OPE/PE or OPP/CPP optional with laser perforated opening features.

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