Química y Petroquímica

Gaviplas processes film, woven material and combinations of these using state-of-the-art technology to form high-performance industrial packaging which offers the required features such as UV stability, anti-slip properties, anti-static properties, barriers and suitability for hot filling. Our individually developed packaging solutions meet the highest standards of filling technology and safety during transportation and storage.

Years of experience in the hazardous material packaging segment provide our customers with the necessary security. Our BAM-approved hazardous materials test department guarantees adherence to all necessary parameters. Our quality assurance system and our specialists’ sense of responsibility guarantee the absolute safety of B+K products.

Our high-performance films can be adapted to meet customers’ wishes by optimally equipping the functional layers. Form, fill and seal systems and converted sack packaging are available for diverse product variants.

We work with the following special materials:

Anti-static films
Batch films
Coated woven material
Sealable filter media
Embossed films
Ventilation systems
Laminates with barrier properties
Cross films