In GAVIPLAS we are ready to objectively advise each client  to achieve personalised sustainable solutions. Our 60 years of experience go hand in hand with a clear vision of the future, as we keep a keen eye on every evolution, with the highest quality and best possible service as the common thread.

Sustainable is the way to go.For you, for us, for the planet.

At Gaviplas we embrace the circular economy with open arms. Repeated reallocation and a relevant longer life span of materials are a good example of this. The dead-end street of linear economy finally has a future-proof alternative.

Nowadays the flexible packaging industry has more than ever been asked to provide solutions for sustainable end products. Our industry must do its part to help brand owners to offer more recyclable packaging solutions.
At Gaviplas we reduce the thickness of our extensions and reformulate their composition so that they can carry out recycled materials and make them recyclable.
The result;
More sustainable plastics.
Recycling monomaterial complexes.
Carbon footprint reduction.

100% reciclable, compostable and or recicled.


A TRANSFORMATION that changes the entire production process from origin to impact.
With packaging made from raw materials of vegetable origin or using high % post-consumer PCR,  giving plastic a second life.

We are dedicated to do business in a responsible and ethical manner, by respecting and protecting the partners we work with, and the planet we work on.

Gaviplas is a 100% family owned company working towards a longer term picture.

This means Gaviplas can readily be inclusive, responsive and responsible towards its employees and focused on the development of the organisation and the individual needs of our employees. All that we ask in return is that our employees are passionate about the business and following our company code of conduct SMETA by Sedex.

We are proud members of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations, working with companies to improve working conditions in global supply chains.


We work hard to never stop challenging the industry. We will never stop researching for innovation and we will continue our work to improve the products we make.


By combining customer focus with product innovation and manufacturing, we provide only high-quality products.


We believe there’s always room for improvement. We strive for excellence and believe that the future is green.


In 2021, we proudly launched a series of new products designed for sustainability.
In line with our strategy, we are working towards 100% of our fast-moving consumer goods packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.To achieve this goal, we offer recyclable packaging on a large scale, items with a high proportion of recycled material, and a wealth of items optimized for low weight.

New ZIP BAG with cursor

The New Zip Bag with cursor from Gaviplas is made with or without recycled PE. With an easy and fast opening, this reusable new Zipper Bag can be made with up to 50% PCR in customized sizes with or without gusset. See more

Mono Material Film

Our product range has been developed for a wide range of markets.
Many of our products are versatile and are applicable to more than one end use.
Our laminated film range has been specifically designed to provide the packaging industry with sustainable answers with the aim to reduce plastic packaging. Our sustainable range includes certified home compostable films, up to 30% PCR base films and recyclable. See more


CADEL DEINKING was created with the aim to help converters and plastic recyclers to increase their COMPETITIVENESS on the market.
DEINKING TECHNOLOGY, developed by Cadel, removes the printed ink from plastic surfaces. So, it is possible to obtain a high value product, with the same characteristics as virgin raw material, from a low value printed scrap.


At Gaviplas we are so committed to the sustainability and recycling of our materials that we have created CADEL DEINKING. A technological development company created with the aim of implementing an innovative plastic recycling process in plastic recyclers and converting companies, through which it is possible to eliminate the ink printed on plastic surfaces.

The Deinking Process

CADEL DEINKING has developed a unique process that removes printed ink from plastics before obtaining a recycled material.

This gives the product a high added value, because printed ink spoils the recycled product both visually and in its mechanical properties and we are able to erase completely any odours from the inks.

The result of the process is an ink-free plastic with a quality very similar to a new brand plastic.

Gaviplas has developed a new range of  laminated mono material for pouches that offers the possibility of using over 30% recycled materials in its production for non-food contact applications.

This represents a new step in Gaviplas goals of supporting the circular economy within the flexible plastic packaging sector.



The finish quality we obtain from this monomaterial is similar to the quality or properties of virgin material and could be used in dry food packaging, personal care products and other markets, always following the relevant analysis to ensure its quality.

The Blue Angel is the federal government’s environmental label. It guarantees “high standards for the protection of our environment and health – independent and credible,” said Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. The Federal Environment Agency defines the criteria for the award.

Environmental benefits

Using 30% recycled content in PE films has been estimated to reduce energy consumption by 25% and reduce greenhouse gas emission by over 1/3 during manufacturing.

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