Gaviplas printing quality sets the standard among wide-web flexible packaging suppliers. With our HD extended gamut flexographic printing technology, you’ll see better graphics with consistent print quality and color from package to package.

Flexographic printing capabilities and technology

High-definition 10-color flexographic printing presses 7-color extended gamut printing technology
Surface and reverse printing up to 60” wide
Our advanced printing capabilities allow us to tackle complex artwork such as matte/gloss. While many converters struggle to achieve this effect, you can trust C-P for enhanced matte/gloss printing effects that are incredibly effective at drawing in consumers.

We print extended gamut.You pay less for packaging

Extended gamut (EG) printing technology allows us to achieve nearly all brand colors using a fixed ink set.


With our HD extended gamut flexographic printing, you’ll see:

Brighter, more vivid images
Better highlights and gradients
Impressive solid ink density
Photo-quality graphics
Consistent printing quality from package to package
Packaging that will help you outperform your competitors

Predictable results

Consistency from run to run Superior printing quality Allows for printing multiple SKUs in a single press run, resulting in reduced setup charges and improved inventory management Because EG printing eliminates the need to shut down the press to change inks between each print run, we’re able to pass the savings on to you. You can gang multiple SKUs into one print run to receive a greater volume discount.

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